Puchipuchi Power: Bubble Wrap Simulators And Other Small Toys We Didn’t Know We Needed

For decades, Japan has been known to produce some of the strangest and most confusing things to come out of the modern world. From crazy game shows, to cartoons about cute girls who also happen to be battleships, to used underwear vending machines, Japan always seems to come out with new products that are equally absurd yet interesting to people around the world. The same holds true of their toys.

Here in the west, we kind of went nuts with the idea of fidget spinners and fidget key chains to occupy our time when we’re bored. Japan, however, in true Japanese form has gone above and beyond anything we could have come up with here. From tactile treasures to digital doodads, here are our favorite small Japanese toys that we didn’t realize we needed in our lives:

Mugen Puchi Puchi

Everybody loves popping bubble wrap, right? The only downside to popping bubble wrap is that eventually, you’ll run out of bubbles to pop. Japan, of course, has the answer: Mugen Puchi Puchi is a small keychain toy that simulates the sound and feeling of popping bubble wrap. The best part is that it’s unlimited fun which keeps the bubble popping fun going on without end!

In addition, every 100 pops generates a special sound like an anime character or a fart. They also have special anime additions that have sound effects from the anime in question, or Idol versions that have voice lines from up-and-coming idols. Not only do you get the therapeutic feeling of popping plastic wrap, it’s also better for the environment and has bonus sounds every 100 pops. What more could you want!

Peri Peri Infinite Shipping Envelope

Another keychain toy, the Peri Peri Infinite shipping envelope simulates the feeling of tearing the cardboard seal that comes on shipping envelopes and certain cardboard packaging. Unlike bubble wrap that you can enjoy for quite a bit before it runs out, envelope and box seals are single use which makes the joy of opening them so much more fleeting!

The keychain toy gives you the joy of unlimited rips while being environmentally friendly since there’s no paper or cardboard to be thrown away. The only downside is that it can be a bit noisy if you use it in public so it isn’t quite as public or office friendly as a fidget spinner or Puchi Puchi. If you’re in the comfort of your own home, however, feel free to let ‘er rip as much as you want!


The original Japanese keychain toy to make a big splash outside Japan, Tamagochi has since made a revival on mobile phones. At first glance, a Tamagochi seems rather silly. After all, the original Tamagochi pets were just a few LED pixels on looped animations. Who would get attached to something like that right?

Turns out that most people would. Despite the simple LED pixel graphics and gameplay, a lot of people quickly got attached to their little keychain buddies, us included!