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Hi there and welcome to our website! Created as a portal for people interested in Japanese culture and anime, we’ve managed to stay true to that theme throughout the years. Some people feel that with the number of websites and other media making Japanese culture and anime more accessible to everyone, that websites like ours are losing relevance. We believe that isn’t the case, however.

One main problem faced by people reliant on popular media getting anime across is that the anime tends to trickle in slowly based on what the media executives THINK people want. This means that a lot of the more interesting titles are either left out, or have to suffer terrible dubbing that can ruin the show entirely, like the English dubs of Sailor Moon in the 90s. We aim to fight that by providing information based on what’s really good.

Here are the types of articles you can expect from us:

Unusual Japanese Merchandise

Western merchandise seems to be grounded on two things: practicality and mass market appeal. This means that most of the merchandise we get is either practical, or impractical yet popular thanks to popular media. While this does work somewhat for a lot of western consumers, it leaves out some of the whimsy that other countries have in their merchandise.

Japan is one of the foremost producers of strange and unusual merchandise. From odd yet educational toys to bizarre gizmos and doodads, we’re here to make sure that you know what’s being offered on the Japanese consumer’s market. If possible, we’ll also tell you how or where to find sources that ship to western shores.

New Titles To Watch Out For

Whether it’s an anime, a movie, or a TV show, we want to keep you updated on what’s coming out, whether you should watch it or not, and why. Relying on popular media to give you an idea of what to watch is usually a bad idea, especially since western media still has an odd sense of what’s appropriate and what isn’t so a lot of the really good, if strange, shows don’t gain popularity in the west.

From a combat sport where girls can only use their hips and chests, to competitive figure skating that’s highly motivated by pork cutlet, to cooking so intense that people’s clothes fly off, we’ll be here to let you know what’s good when it comes out. After all, you can’t really say you love anime until you’ve seen its full range, right?

Must Watch Shows And Movies From Japan

While there are already defined classics that are heavily recommended on hundreds of websites and message boards, there are other definitive movies and shows that are must-watches. A lot of these get overlooked because they aren’t as “artistic” or as serious as many of the classics and are therefore treated as lower forms of entertainment that aren’t worthy of being called classics.

This doesn’t mean that they aren’t good, however. A lot of titles that don’t make it to the classics list still manage to tell unique stories, or present amazing characters that may resonate better with modern audiences than they do with older ones who are fixated on the idea of “classics”. Often they also don’t make it to western mainstream due to certain controversial topics or images. This doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention, however.

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!