Revival Time: Masakazu Katsura Works That Are Due For An Anime Series Or Revival

When it comes to anime writers and illustrators, people now are more familiar with studios rather than the individual writers. While there are still a few standout writers, only hardcore otaku would know them by name. From the older generation of writers however, there are a few standouts that deserve recognition. One particular standout is Masakazu Katsura.

Known most for anime like Video Girl Ai and DNA2, Katsura had a distinct art style that made his work distinct. Lately, a lot of older anime have been getting revived much to the delight of older audiences. With anime like Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Voltron making comebacks, we believe it’s time for Katsura’s work to be brought back for modern audiences. Here are our top picks:


A time travel anime, DNA2 is about a young man who has a violent reaction to women: he throws up violently whenever he’s sexually aroused by one. This makes him highly unlikely to succeed at ever getting a girlfriend. One day, a woman from the future shows up in order to stop the first “mega-playboy” from messing up the future by shooting him with a “cure”. Problem solved, right?

Turns out she shot him with the wrong thing. What she shot him with was actually the DNA code for her ideal husband thus turning the main character into the very mega playboy she was trying to stop in the first place. As one of Katsura’s more popular works, we think that the series is due for a revival. It would be interesting to see how the characters would fare with today’s technology, like social media.

Tiger & Bunny

Relatively new having been aired in 2011, Tiger & Bunny would still fit in well with today’s other popular shows and movies. Set in a fictional New York, Tiger & Bunny is about a world where superheroes exist, but rather than being the secretive superheroes we’re familiar with, most of them are attached to popular brands, with their uniforms showing off the brand’s logos.

With the meteoric rise in social media since 2011, it would be interesting to see how the heroes would work with social media as a marketing tool. Would they be required to have Instagram or Snapchat accounts? Would they have to live-stream on YouTube or Twitch while working? It would definitely create a fresh dynamic between the veteran Tiger and the younger Bunny.


Another entry from the sentai genre, we believe Wing-Man would do well in today’s anime scene. There have been some very popular anime in the past few years about ordinary people, usually nerds or geeks of some sort, finding themselves in amazing situations where they can be heroes, such as Re: Zero, Konosuba, and In Another World With My Smartphone.

Wing-Man focuses on a young student who loves superheroes, and has created his own superhero named Wing-Man. One day, he comes across a princess from another dimension with the power to make dreams come true. This power allows him to become the character he created, Wing-Man. As Wing-Man, he helps the princess fight off the invaders who conquered her realm.